USMLE Step One Live


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We offer a systems based comprehensive approach to the USMLE Step One.

All of the med essentials necessary to master the exam.

Students are exposed to our question bank of thousands of practice examples, with assistance from onsite faculty mentors. The medical basic sciences offered in an integrated fashion, just like the actual USMLE step one assessment.

Our academic resources include step one live lectures, clinical vignettes, case based/problem based learning, practice assessments and strategies to successfully matriculate.

Private one on one faculty contact is available, as well as analysis of previous test performance.

Our program offers the USMLE first aid necessary to beginning clinical clerkships!

With USMLE pre test practice, entrance exam, weekly assessments and an exit examination, you will receive all of the feedback necessary to enhance your performance.

Average class size is 12 - 20 candidates.

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